Business Advising

Business advising provides business consulting that integrates kingdom values, spiritual truths, and practical business counsel through seasoned men within the Anabaptist community.

Business Advising is a safe place where you can address issues that are causing difficulty and find solutions to your business challenges. We provide advising services to help business families cultivate and harvest spiritual and material success in the Kingdom. We assist families or partners in learning to talk about the real issues, implement practical solutions, work together in harmonious relationships, and plan for the next generation of leaders.

Business Advising is built on Christian principles, rather than the world’s ethics and philosophy. We try to understand your business from your perspective, and tailor advising and consulting to your specific needs. Our goal is to help you receive God’s blessing—on you personally, your family, and the business.

We provide an advising service that matches seasoned business advisors with business clients. Advisors are experienced Anabaptist individuals and like-minded persons who form a relationship with you and analyze your business operations, to help you think about problems and apply practical solutions successfully to your business.