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Wendell Heatwole

This article looks at work from four different Biblical perspectives: Creation, the Fall, life outside Eden, and eternity.

Wendell Heatwole

Do you ever feel like you are simply on chore duty? Do you lack focus in business? Use God’s “business plan” to bring focus, fulfillment, and peace to your daily life and duties....

David Bohlander

Members of conservative Anabaptist churches have lost millions of dollars through fraudulent financial activities.

Nevin Beiler

Failing to plan is unloving to those left behind, and it fails the test of good stewardship.

Tim Thomas

Some Anabaptist mutual aid plans are starting to fail. This puts all our mutual aid plans in jeopardy.

AF Stewardship Principles Committee

In its big picture, the Bible paints a concluding scene of Heaven on earth, where sin and its consequences are all gone, and heaven and earth are made new.

Paul A Miller

Many Anabaptist businessmen find themselves in a quandary. Can they follow Jesus’ teachings that “it is more blessed to give than to receive” and still survive in a push-and-shove business world...

Wendell Heatwole

With wealth being so beneficial yet so dangerous, how should we deal with it? Would it be better if we held no wealth beyond what is required for a bare subsistence?